/La Candelaria speaks

La Candelaria speaks

Waking no alarms in the Hotel Opera with the first rays of sun coming through the window of a restored mansion, and feel almost celebrity to get into a bubbling bath … they are the starting point for mentally trace the path that will draw the cobbled streets Of the Candelaria, the neighborhood with more history in the capital of Colombia.

It is Sunday and a swarm of bicycles floods the Plaza de Bolivar, moved by the sport impulse or the family outing. Caffeine morning waiting in the Café de la Peña , endowed with all the old pastry school in France, creamy and perfect to energize a body eager to explore the sector.

Many museums make the circuit: Colonial art, Botero Donation, Military shows Regional Costumes … but the desire to discover more about the city are invited to enter the Museum of Bogotá , a room full of history, present and future. Find in amazement moving images of the late Carnival of Bogotá , full of fun and streamers, something that certainly aroused the joy of a metropolis still in gestation, reveal all that past kept by the District Institute of Cultural Heritage .

Contemplating wistfully that European encouragement in the so – called “cop” (shirt, vest and tie) walking with her umbrella resting on the forearm streets of scenographic architecture, transports the mind to a script of foreign silent films to the current aesthetics city

Visit today all those walls, ceilings and windows stained earth colors or sweetish, drive to keep walking slowly to listen to your streets … but not before stopping for something to eat in Andante Ma Non Troppo or Enchiladas (Specialty Mexicana) , Among many other sites that make up the menu of the sector.

The day progresses and that the legends, characters, ghosts … those who came and left their legacy as Rafael Pombo in his museum house , which in festive phrase recited: “There will be feasting and will spread”, framed perhaps in beautiful A second-floor ballroom with balconies to flirt with the gentlemen who spotted the ladies from the street, who with Parisian blush waved from the party adorned with live music in the background.