The first carnival celebrated in the city is lost in history, more than a century ago, when Barranquilla was a small town. However, by word of mouth, various stories have circulated concerning the way Barranquillero people celebrated the carnival; Its form always naive, funny, festive and above all, healthy, have allowed a tradition to be retained that dates back to three centuries ago.

During this time, the barranquillero and a good number of foreigners that arrive to the city are given to the collective enjoyment, the swallow and the dance. The festivities, which are presided over by the carnival queen and King Momo, are lit from the Precarnavales, which begin “officially” with the whistles announcing the arrival of the new year. The events of the Precarnavales begin with the Reading of the Band, continue with the Taking of the City, the Coronation of the Queen, the Carnival of the Children, the Gay Parade and the most important celebration of the Precarnavales, La Guacherna, fantastic night parade A Friday before Carnival Saturday.