It is not a religious Devil, nor is it an anti-Christian feast. Carnival does not touch the religiosity of men. It is a state of mind inherited from the aboriginal cultural tradition and the mixture of cultures and races that lived the western part of what today is called Caldas. The Devil is an inspiring spirit of many things like: the preparation of the ears for the music and the body for the dance. It is who inspires writers and poets to make verses and songs. It is a good spirit of tradition, symbolic custodian of the party.

The Carnival of Riosucio is the demonstration of the culture of a people, which was formed with indigenous integration, black African and white European, a very special culture that has had representatives in all genres of artistic and spiritual creation. The Carnival of Riosucio takes place every two years around the 6 of January and is structured like an extensive dramatic poem written collectively by the matachines ?? Or carnival of deepest mystic and literary capacity