During the month of May, the municipality of Puerto Gaitán, in the department of Meta, holds its traditional International Festival of Cachama, an event that highlights the traditions, culture and folklore of these Llanera lands, while Pays tribute to the flagship of this region: the cachama. During these three days, the Puerto Rican people and tourists will enjoy a varied program with activities such as the Yawajiba Ethnocultural Festival, an event that seeks to share and rescue the traditions of salibas, achaguas, sikuany and piapocos, through their gastronomy, dances, songs, Shamans and handicrafts

One of the shows that attract the most public is the weighing of cachamas, as it is the last step for fishermen who seek recognition of their work. These laborious men have crossed the river in search of the largest and heaviest fish to help them win the competition. This weighing is made in view of all the attendees and at the end of the whole process the fish are returned to the water. The festival also features the International Coleo Tournament, Cachama International Reign, the Llanera International Music Competition, agroindustrial events, among others that enrich and provide options for tourists visiting this cozy municipality