Cali has its own identity: Salsa. Is Cali`s image in the world. Salsa is Cali, what are to Havana to Buenos Aires tango, samba in Rio de Janeiro. Cali was named capital of salsa because consolidated and built his last on the influence of Mexican and Cuban music that was heard in the late ’30s, strengthened by the spread of Mexican cinema of the forties and fifties, which expanded through the emergence of radio Cali, based on the black component that irrigated vallecaucana culture, perfectly appointed by the writer Jorge Isaacs’s novel Mary.

Cali is the city where more salsa is danced socially today in the world and where the musician is receptivity. The SALSA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, organized by the Ministry of Culture should express not only the competition itself but the knowledge that exists in our city. It is therefore compelling to give space to an academic program that links the major themes and characters who became icons of the story such as Jairo Varela and Alexis Lozano Saoko Wilson