The Pacific Music Festival “Petronio Alvarez” has established itself as a cultural process that seeks to develop, preserve and disseminate the traditional music of the region by creating relationships and social practices from the symbolic dimension of the backbone and representative cohesive regional social fabric that creates a sense of belonging, claiming the values ​​and contributions of Afro-Colombian ethnic national identity.

The Colombian musician Patrick Romano Petronio Álvarez Quintero, was born on October 1, 1914 in Cascajal Island, near Buenaventura, a port that inspired his best-known song today: “My Bonaventure”. This sounds interpreter, milongas, currulaos bambucos, died on December 10, 1966 in Cali at fifty-two years. In his honor was given the name to the Pacific Music Festival “Petronio Álvarez”, which is held annually in Santiago de Cali.