/PASTOJAZZ: Jazz from the south of Colombia.

PASTOJAZZ: Jazz from the south of Colombia.


The Festival PASTOJAZZ: Músicas del Mundo was born as a platform in order to allow regional groupings that are working proposals about the genre of Jazz, to publicize their work to the region and to enrich the audience with their sounds; But above all open space on national and international platforms.

PASTOJAZZ is part of the Jazz Festival Circuit in Colombia, along with the 5 most important cities in the cultural, economic and social areas, such as Bogotá, Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla; Positioning the city of Pasto and above all the department of Nariño, as a center of cultural and artistic production.

Nariño has stood out in history as a department from which have emerged musicians who have played a fundamental role in the world of jazz; Among them: multi-instrumentalist Fausto Martínez, pianist Gerardo Sansón, saxophonists Eriberto Mideros and Antonio Burbano, pianist Noro Bastidas, trumpeter Eduardo Maya and world-renowned pianist Edy Martinez. The world knew slowly of the successes of these musicians and in Colombia it was known that that Samson that played with Lucho Bermúdez was Pastuso, that that trumpeter called Lalo Maya of Oranjestad was pastuso, and that that arranger of Tito Puente, called Edy, also it was.

Also stood out the pastus brothers Ricardo, Danny and Jairo Rosales, the last of whom founded in 1988 the group Seventh Sentido. In the same way appeared the timbalero Germán Villarreal, director with the years of the Mambo Big Band. The style of all of them was Afro-Cuban jazz, the most suitable for musicians of a land given percussion, where not only there are great talents in the matter, but factories that provide instruments to average Colombia like Arce Percussion.

Nariño All Stars was a project of Javier Martinez Maya, who wanted to bring together all those Nariño jazz talents. Also appeared new proposals: the Latin Jazz Group of Pasto, the group Assai of the guitarist Luis Adrián Eraso Townend, the Imués Jazz Ensamble, group of 50 children and young people of the youth band of the municipality of Imués. The genre included pianist Mario Fajardo Santander, bassist Wilson Fajardo, saxophonists Ángelo Dávila, Óscar Velásquez and Luis Medina; Trombonist Carlos Maya, guitarists John Jairo Gomez and Mauricio Paz Hernández and percussionist Yeimy Argoty Benavides. Also outstanding are the percussionist Jorge Guzmán, the trumpeter Lucho Bravo, the percussionist Fabio Andrés Ortiz Rivera, and the brothers Andrés and Jairo Nieva.

The quantity and quality of Nariño groupings that work in jazísticas proposals are what have allowed the festival PASTOJAZZ: Músicas del Mundo, to remain in time and to become stronger. In this opportunity the event has an academic component in which you can share experiences and knowledge in the clinics of instruments, seminars, conversations and workshops that will be held in the Cultural Area of ​​the Bank of the Republic; While the central shows and concerts will be offered at the Francisco de la Villota Theater of the San Felipe Neri College between September 3 and 7.