/Petronio Álvarez Festival 2013 Call

Petronio Álvarez Festival 2013 Call

Petronio 2013


Mayor of Santiago de Cali, through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, opens the call for XVII Pacific Music Festival “PETRONIO ÁLVAREZ” Tribute to: “HUGO CANDELARIO GONZÁLEZ SEVILLANO”

Petronio Alvarez Festival

The Pacific Music Festival “Petronio Álvarez”, is a cultural process carried out annually in Santiago de Cali, by the Secretary of Culture and Tourism, with the participation of a Conceptual Committee, where groups are called that interpret traditional music of the Pacific Colombian and other music derived from these, with the purpose of making visible the interculturality that characterizes Cali, as well as contribute to the recovery and promotion of the Colombian culture tradition.

“The Petronio Álvarez Pacific Music Festival is a process that seeks to contribute to the preservation of cultures and traditional music of the Colombian Pacific, as cohesive elements of identity and social fabric, to strengthen processes and the country in the process Of inclusion, participation and human development, and to Cali as the capital of the Latin American Pacific, “said María Helena Quiñónez Salcedo, secretary of culture and tourism in Cali.

The call opens for the four (4) modalities of the Petronio Álvarez Festival, as follows: Marimba Ensemble, Ensemble of Chirimía, Conjunto de Violines Caucanos, Ensemble Libre.


Registration is open from Thursday, May 16, 2013, and will close on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, at 4:00 pm Those interested in registering to participate in the Festival must fill out the enrollment form attached to the regulations and Send it only by registered mail, to the following address and destination: Secretariat of Culture and Tourism of Santiago de Cali, Cultural Center of Cali. Carrera 5 No. 6-05. In a sealed envelope that must include the stamp and date of departure of said document.

Participating groups must attach the following documents to the registration form.

to. Certificate of neighborhood of the director of the grouping.

B. Photocopy of the identity document of the director of the grouping.

C. Certifications that demonstrate at least one (1) year of seniority of the free grouping, which is obtained through the institutions in which they have made presentations.

D. Photocopy of the identity document of each of the members of the group: citizenship card, identity card or civil registry. If there is among the members of the group of minors, the authenticated authorization of parents, guardians or responsible parties must be attached.

and. One (1) photograph of each member of the group including the director and one

(1) of the assembly.

and. Photocopy of the single tax registration (RUT) of the group director, in case it is deserving of the mentioned prizes.

Brief artistic overview of the group.

G. Letter of the unpublished song to contest in the format designated for that purpose.

Remember that the registration of the Pacific Music Festival “Petronio Álvarez” is completely free, otherwise it will be subject to fraud and deceit by third parties not attached to the secretariat of culture and tourism of Cali.

The registration form must be completed in full and all documents requested must be attached. The lack of any of these requirements cancels the registration. Remember that the registration form must contain:

to. Signature of the director.

B. Name of person (s) contesting as: Best marimba performer, Best clarinet performer, Best vocal performance, Best violin performance, Best unpublished song and Best musical arrangement, complete information on the themes to present.