/Carnival of Barranquilla 2014

Carnival of Barranquilla 2014


Another year Barranquilla put an end to the most famous of its celebrations, the carnival. However, this has not been a single year, since the 10 years since it was declared Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Humanity were commemorated.

The city was filled with visitors eager to enjoy this unique event, the second most important carnival in the world. And no wonder; Barranquilla proudly displays its façades and gardens decorated for such an exceptional festivity, the streets are filled with parades, and music invades everything.

The most famous and autochthonous characters of the carnival have strolled with their best galas. Possibly the best known of them, is the marimonda, a disguise devised by the Barranquilleros to ridicule and laugh at social conventions. But we can not forget Maria Moñitos, the headless, Monocuco, the bold Puloy … and countless guests including the queen of this year’s carnival.

The street show could be enjoyed, whether from different streets of the city, or from the boxes (of very different prices) located along the routes. However the parades have not been the only attraction; Public and private parties, concerts and the number of shows have conquered foreigners and barranquilleros alike. No wonder the full crowded city lodging.


Those who were more modern could enjoy the Saturday of the traditional battle of flowers, where there were no shortage of current musicians to the rhythm of their best hits. The protagonists of Sunday, on the other hand, were traditional dances and dresses, while on Monday, the fantasy parade left more than one ecstatic with so much sequin and exoticism.

During the parades, it was difficult not to be hypnotized by the dances, trying to imitate (with a failure more than obvious) movements that seem made only for the Caribbean. The makeup completes this staging, with meticulous works crowned by the continuous smiles of those who took them. I can not deny the pleasure of being able to take pictures of this party, because it is much more pleasant when faced with a nice smile, an elegant pose, or the complicit smile of someone who lets himself be photographed with gusto.

These days reflected a sample of what Barranquilla is able to offer to celebrate the first ten years bearing such a title. Let’s look forward to twenty.