/Try Your Luck

Try Your Luck

The squares of the towns, places of encounter forced during the own events of the year, are the stage to try luck while you enjoy a gastronomía loaded with sugar.
From early on, the dealers at the fair stalls accommodate their roulettes, darts and games of chance for visitors and locals alike. Woods, doll heads forgotten by some girl and a target shot whose objectives are photocopies with the face of Bin Laden or Chavez are the scene of fun for those looking to earn money or a package of goodies.
We started the hexagonal course in the square and we found a minimum bet of $ 1,000 to fold in some roulette worthy of collection. The head of “panchita” (wrist with new employment, like oracle of five hundred coins) tells us to follow a large cage laden with chickens disguised in purple, fuchsia and blue anilines.

The manager of this game that attracts many curious children (including us), holds in a black tula several colored ping-pong balls: “if you take a blue ball, you carry the blue chicken” .. sounds logical. Not knowing that in our 3 attempts we took only white ping-pongs and surprise! … there was no white chicken.

With empty hands and after seeing a wayuu girl with 8 chickens go home, we continue with the bizarre and entertaining route of luck and aim. The next one consists of small balls (used for both manual and assisted shooting), a parquet board with banknotes of various denominations, and the challenge of “cacharle” as in the game of golosa to fifty thousand bill.

It is not known if the carnival spirits move this ball to the table ouija, but the repetitive fall on the thousand bill forced us to move to the next attraction.

Holding a shotgun, we managed to hit the face of some proclaimed thug and finally won a package of Cocosette and one of fruna, to get us to Bin Laden.