/Amazon: Investing in the lungs of the world

Amazon: Investing in the lungs of the world

Amazon Children

Its name, legend born thanks to Francisco de Orellana , who sailed the river in the sixteenth century, and claimed he was attacked by ferocious women, who associated with the Amazons of Greek mythology; Is also synonymous with exotic lands, new flavors, jungle and indigenous race, certainly a paradise for adventurers.

Visiting the Amazon

The department par excellence for ecotourism and ethnotourism in Colombia, greets from the air with an imposing view of its Amazon river and many of its fluvial arteries, which are the only channels of communication within the department.

Its composition of Fauna and Flora are a delight for those who like herbolaria and its benefits, such as today, cane sour, quinaquina, copaibo among others. The knowledge of its native inhabitants delegates its properties to cures for the most elusive evils.