/6 places of Oriente Antioqueño that you must visit

6 places of Oriente Antioqueño that you must visit

Antioquia-Colombia is a paradise, it is a giant garden, and in Oriente Antioqueño we are honored to have such wonderful places.

We invite you to take a tour of all or some of the following emblems of our region, which you and your family should visit to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, nature and clean and pure air.

1.- The stone of El Peñol

La Piedra del peñol is a monolith with a height of 220 meters. At the moment it is very popular for sportsmen who love climbing, because in 1954 it was possible to climb for the first time; And also by tourists who do not want to miss the opportunity to discover the breathtaking views from the top. Today you can climb to the summit through the 649 steps that rise from the ground by a crack in the stone.
There are 3 versions about its creation: one is that it is a meteorite, which can not be because the material that conforms it is the same as that of the adjacent terrain. The second explanation of its origin is that it comes from a volcanic eruption; And the third and most likely to be caused by a clash between two tectonic plates.

To get to Peñol from Medellín you can go by private car or go to the North Transport Terminal and from there take a bus to Guatapé. They are approximately 2 hours away but it is a wonder that I invite you to visit.

2.- Guatapé Dam

On the banks of the El Peñol reservoir, in Guatapé just 72 km from Medellín, there is a natural park, formed by two peninsulas: La Culebra and La Viborita, which is an ecological reserve of water, animals and vegetation. In it you can enjoy family stays and there are activities for all ages. Children can play in Enchanted Village, enjoy nautical sports, mobile bridges … while taking a stroll along the wonderful ecological trails, or prepare a rich meal in kiosks and bakeries prepared for it.

3.- Buey river jump – La Ceja

In Antioquia is the municipality of La Ceja, which is also a natural paradise surrounded by vegetation, pastures and crops with a topography that has large slopes.

Where the river Buey joins the Piedras River, an incredible waterfall forms that is worth going to visit. From above, in addition, you can see the entire canyon through which the River Buey passes.

4.- The Truchera – Guarne

Another interesting place to discover in Antioquia is the Truchera de Guarne. One of the most renowned municipalities of the East and there you will find all the warmth of the Antioquian people, besides enjoying the nature, rivers and the experience of being able to fish the fish that later are going to eat.

5.- Carmen del Viboral – handmade center of the east

This municipality of the department of Antioquia is a paradise for lovers of handicraft ceramics because many factories are located in the production of ceramics of very good quality.

In addition you can enjoy its gastronomy, since its location and temperatures allow the crops of beans, potatoes, avocado, corn, tomato of tree, various vegetables and aromatic plants.

6.- Ecological Reserve San Sebastián – El Retiro

The ecological reserve of San Sebastián is an area of ​​196 hectares of natural forest located in the municipality of El Retiro. It is characteristic, in addition to its beauty, its flora and fauna, because in the first hours of the day it is covered with mist. Hence it is also known by the Forest of Fog.

To access the reservation, take the Las Palmas road, which connects the municipalities of Medellín and El Retiro, and at km 24 take the exit on the road that leads to the municipality of Envigado. Approximately 4 km you take the left accessing the reservation.

If you want to win quality of life, you can buy a house in El Retiro , because of its proximity with Medellín, its landscape, its greenery and nature. The East Antioquia is a fantastic tourist destination close to Medellin to disconnect from the noisy and polluted city.